Unlocking the Secret for Reducing Costs on Kubernetes

Transitioning to Kubernetes

A versatile open-source platform, Kubernetes can do more than help you grow your business — it can also save you money. By hosting your applications exclusively on Kubernetes, as opposed to relying on multiple servers, you can streamline your entire system — reducing your costs by as much as 30%.


Understanding  Pods, Nodes, and Pod Density

 The smallest, most basic unit of any Kubernetes application, Pods are a group of one or more containers sharing the same network. As containers within the same pod share a common IP address, they can easily share information with one another.


Nodes host the pods and nodes are either a virtual machine (VM) or a tangible one–the more pods assigned to one node, the less spent on additional servers.


 Kubernetes allows for High Pod Density — the ability to run overprovisioned and densely packed nodes.

LionKube’s Solution

LionKube’s expert consultants have the training, expertise and knowledge to save millions by implementing Kubernetes on your platform with our innovative solutions. Utilizing a three-step program developed uniquely by our strategic DevOps team, LionKube will: 

  1. Review Applications:
    Assess the size and profile of your applications to ensure that both memory and CPU usage are adequate and adjust accordingly based on the resource limits in Kubernetes
  2. Select a node size:
    Accommodate multiple applications–and pack pods more densely–resulting in greater cost savings
  3. Optimize Kubernetes Apps:
    Group applications more efficiently for optimal efficiency. Grouped applications will fill the gaps that might otherwise remain vacant–making the most use of space

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