Kubernetes Consultant

Overview of our services…

LionKube helps companies realize the greatest possible impact of Kubernetes. Together we can cut software development cycles in half and improve resource utilization up to 80%. We offer an agile approach to assess and analyze current digital activities, architecture, infrastructure, sourcing, and processes to map out an effective digital transformation journey while identifying quality-enhancing and cost-saving opportunities.

And in detail…

LionKube has helped hundreds of companies across multiple industries and geographies. We help uncover and eliminate technology barriers to business growth, improve performance, and digital transformation. We have outlined a few of our services below and gone into slight detail on each.

Kubernetes Consulting

LionKube offers Kubernetes consulting and development services helping companies address their challenges associated with meeting their DevOps needs.

Kubernetes Consulting in Detail…

Kubernetes can be useful across a range industries and for a multitude of use cases. Basically anywhere you need to automate application deployment, scaling, and management, it is up to the task. Use cases include improved infrastructure utilization, workload portability, default fault tolerance, and cloud scalability, and much much more.

As a leading Kubernetes consultancy, our experts provide unique insight and help with every aspect of your Kubernetes deployment, from its installation and architecture to its configuration and optimization.

Our Services Include:

  • Kubernetes Infrastructure Design
  • Centralized Infrastructure as Code
  • Expert Installation/Management: AWS, GCP, Azure, VMWare, and Bare Metal
  • Implementation of your K8s Infrastructure
  • Kubernetes Managed Support

DevOps in Detail…

DevOps typically requires restructuring your company’s organizational practices. It’s often times mistaken as a technology execution rather than what it really is, a culture. DevOps focuses more on following detailed procedures rather than incomplete code testing and deployment. Teams which adopt a DevOps system approach help inculcate new practices and leadership goals.

Facilitate and build DevOps practices with a focus on Kubernetes, CICD, and BAZEL practices.

We work with the technology team to adopt a new working culture and understand their new user roles.

Here’s what you can expect from LionKube:

  • DevOps consulting and rollout
  • Accelerated application time-to-market
  • Hosting cost reduction and speed improvement
  • Increased uptime and reduced downtime incidents
  • Alert and security automation
  • DevOps advisory services for your whole team
  • Ongoing performance optimization
  • Backup and disaster recovery


LionKube starts by helping companies understand what DevOps really is, and what it means.

Container Migration

LionKube provides container migration moving your legacy/micro service into Docker containers.

Container Migration in Detail…

What you can expect from LionKube:

Discovery & Application Analysis. We work with you to assess business requirements and to plan your container migration. During this process, we might uncover additional opportunities for infrastructure optimization.

Migration Strategy. We work with you to determine if you want to move forward using greenfield strategy or migrate legacy applications. We help you consider the pros and cons of each container migration strategy.

Cloud Native. We take a Cloud-native approach when migrating your applications to ensure you get all of the benefits of the cloud computing delivery model.

Container Migration. We help you make the required changes to your culture, by implementing container best practices and train your staff on how to develop and deploy containers correctly. We also implement CIDC software to build test and deploy your containers. After your applications have been migrated, they’re ready to be moved into Kubernetes.

Cloud Consulting in Detail…

What you can expect from LionKube:

Discovery & Application Analysis. We work with you to assess business requirements and to plan migrations of applications and data to the cloud. During this process, we might uncover additional opportunities for infrastructure optimization.

Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Strategy. We help you consider the best mix of virtualization and provide recommendations to transition and transform onto cloud-enabled platforms.

Cloud Migration Consulting. We help you plan and execute successful transitions to the right virtual or physical environment to help you develop applications faster.

Data Center Migration. We help you relocate critical technology assets to new data center environments while staying operational, a process which can have pitfalls if not done correctly.

Cloud Consulting

LionKube provides cloud computing consulting services for migrating, developing and managing cloud applications and infrastructures.

If it needs to be done right the first time…

Don’t hire the second best. LionKube is a world class technology team specializing in Kubernetes.

Data Migration

LionKube helps you carefully plan consolidation and create a flexible, scalable IT environment that supports future growth and change.

Data Migration in Detail

Changing constituent needs to require system and process changes with minimal service disruption.
As systems and processes evolve to meet the changing needs of constituents, information is your vital operational asset. When it becomes necessary to migrate data and applications to meet those needs, it must happen as efficiently as possible, with reduced downtime, and with as little business disruption as possible.

Protecting your data during system changes is essential.
Moving large amounts of data can be hazardous and time-consuming. Potential exists for data loss and reduced productivity. Protecting that data is the most significant thing you can do.

The migration process must be clearly defined.
Availability, security, and reliability must be engineered into every process from start to finish. Proven methodologies are leveraged along with skills and expertise to ensure effective, timely, and efficient data migration.

Efficient data migration strategy includes identifying infrastructure vulnerabilities.
Specific migration strategy accounts for unforeseen interruptions, applications that need to be ported, an application integration plan, resource needs, operational windows, and associated risks.

Stability and availability for mission-critical applications are key factors.
Improved stability, availability, and greater storage management, along with rapid implementation and predictable costs, are key benefits in a successful migration.