A fast, reliable platform making projects fun and less frustrating

Bazel, an open-source tool designed to automate software builds and tests, was designed to match Google’s software style–making it reliable, stable and adaptable to future changes. Bazel uses a build language that’s both high-level and easy to read, and the entire tool is completely free to use. Bazel works with multiple different coding languages and can build outputs for a range of different platforms, meaning no matter what the technicalities of your project are, Bazel will nearly always be able to help.

Bazel Perks

Uber user-friendly, the creators of Bazel are committed to make programmers’ life easier by maintaining specific high standards and accepting contributions from programmers around the world through its shared Bazel code base. This programming tool boasts several different advantages that can make projects stronger and more intuitive.

Build Language 

Say goodbye to writing one-by-one calls to tools like compilers and linkers. Bazel focuses on the concepts of scripts, binaries, data sets and libraries


Work with the multitude of languages and platforms that Bazel supports,and if a language isn’t already supported, Bazels allows the ability to extend the tool to cover any other language or framework needed. 


Utilizing BUILD files, Bazel can access dependency information on each library, test and binary in a project providing a level of predictability to better understand projects and replicate when necessary. 

Speed and reliability

Bazel improves project speed with a few features, including tracking changes to file content and build commands to detect when a function needs to be rebuilt, designing projects to be built incrementally or in parallel with other elements,and maintaining fast functioning when handling enormous source files, multiple repositories and a global user base.

Ready, Set, Bazel and GO

Bazel’s website provides a wealth of knowledge and tutorials on building a Bazel-enhanced application in different coding languages and on different platforms. In just a few simple steps, Bazel will be ready to run.

  • Download and install the program–free of cost
  • Create a workspace for the project–allowing Bazel to search for build inputs and build files
  • Write a BUILD file informing Bazel of the build and how to create
  • Run Bazel from the command line–start building and running tests

Bazel Makes Projects Easier 

When using a large code base, a project that utilizes multiple coding languages or platforms or a project with extensive tests, Bazel opens a new world for businesses to create efficicines within their organizations. 

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